Is it worth it?  Let us work it.

We start with the end goal in mind, flip it, and reverse it.

Who’s Buying What You’re Selling?

We want to know your customers inside and out… but not in a creepy way.  Using buyer personas, we’ll create semi-fictitious characters of your ideal customers in order to tailor content and messaging.

Always Be Knowing

Next, we need to get a good grasp of what you’re selling.  We use the 4 P’s of the marketing mix with a healthy side of curiosity.

  1. Product – what makes your offering unique and what are the features
  2. Price – how much do you charge and how does it compare with your competitors
  3. Promotion – how to promote your offering with mass appeal
  4. Place – where do you sell your product?  These days, it’s usually multiple places.

We’ve Got Plans

This is where we take what we’ve learned in the first two steps, come up with a keyword strategy, document your content pillars, and sandwich that all between a slice of brand voice and brand tone, creating a marketing strategy sandwich.

As we proceed… to give you what you need

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